SharePoint solution development

Using an MS SharePoint platform, it is possible to create all kinds of solutions which will meet the needs and requirements of your particular business. We offer the development and deployment of solutions which will facilitate your work with:
  • document circulation;
  • company’s in-house processes.

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​​Document management system​

Today a great part of documents is prepared electronically; however, more than 80% of documents are being printed out to get them approved, present them for familiarisation/examination and hand them over to responsible employees for performing their duties.

Such an approach to a document flow in companies is nontransparent, expensive and intractable, therefore transition to an electronic document management system will ensure the following positive moment to a company:

  • increased productivity;
  • increased confidentiality and safety of the information;
  • increased transparency and traceability of the document flow;
  • reduced costs for the document processing process;
  • reduced time required for the document processing.​
Our solution will help you to solve a number of document flow-related issues:
  • registration and accumulation of documents; 
  • confidentiality of and restriction of access to the documents;
  • adding resolutions and generation of work tasks, tracing of performance;
  • approval and visaing of work flows;
  • document interconnectedness for more convenient work with the documents;
  • document search;
  • integrity with Microsoft Office software.
Working with the document management system is transparent and simple!​​

​File and Document Registers

The file register is maintained in a separate system register. For large companies, where registration of documents is decentralised in various structural units or departments, it is possible to create separate file register lists.

Document registers created under the system are as follows:

  • incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  • orders and powers of attorney;
  • administrative acts;
  • calendar, resolutions/tasks;
  • forms and executive documents.
Flexible auto-numbering system allows setting document number criteria for each register individually. A document number may contain a file index, structural units' abbreviations, ordinal numerals, as well as any other required parameter.

​Document Registration

Document registration in the system is simple and fast – just add a scanned document or create a document in the system and fill in the document's card, while a registration number will be assigned to the document automatically, in accordance with predefined auto-numbering terms.

​​​​Document Flow an​d Execution

Following its registration, an incoming document starts flowing – it is submitted to resolution, then to execution and execution control. Besides, all these activities can be executed electronically, thus saving the executors' time and reducing a possibility of losing the original document.

Upon making a decision, the document is submitted to execution and work tasks are being generated, while designating responsible employees and setting execution deadlines. These tasks can be easily generated by a resolution author from the document registration card.

Generation of work tasks in the system ensures:

  • tracing the progress of work tasks;
  • a possibility of prompt submission of executed work for correction;
  • a flexible document flow tool.

​​​​Document Interconne​​ctedness

Document interconnectedness provides for a possibility:

  • to trace the sequence of the incoming and outgoing document flow;
  • to form answers to the documents received, while automatically „inheriting” sender’s contact information and details.

​Document G​eneration

Such documents as orders and powers of attorney have, for the most part, standardised templates (one or more) which can be generated automatically by using the information entered in the system.

The documents drafted in such a way ensure

  • faster approval as all the employees will always use the latest and current templates for the document production;
  • easy tracing inside the system of the documents’ basic information, demander or draftsman;
  • tracing of expiry dates of powers of attorney and making timely decisions on further actions.