SharePoint solution development

Using an MS SharePoint platform, it is possible to create all kinds of solutions which will meet the needs and requirements of your particular business. We offer the development and deployment of solutions which will facilitate your work with:
  • document circulation;
  • company’s in-house processes.

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​Quality management system

Quality is one of the most essential criteria in business activities – be it service delivery, sales or production.

Quality products and services may be delivered only when in a company itself all the processes, procedures and in-house regulations are harmonised, as well as clear to and understood by the employees.​

By introducing a quality management solution, you will get:

  • a single environment for storing all the documents intended for ensuring the company’s quality;
  • information on the company’s processes, procedures, in-house regulations and other quality-related issues which is easily accessible and promptly findable by the employees;
  • centralised environment for drafting, consideration and approval of the documents;
  • a possibility to get certified for the international standard LVS EN ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and standard OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).

We offer you a solution which will allow you to:

  • obtain a single environment for storing in-house regulating documents;
  • create a repository for the processes and process-related documents;
  • have process visualisation possibilities (integration with MS Visio);
  • perform document coordination and approval inside the system;
  • inform your employees centrally about new and/or amended documents;
  • monitor in a single environment whether all the employees have familiarised themselves with the documents;
  • define distinct access levels to different document groups;
  • use templates for drafting the most frequently used or updatable documents.​​​

​​I​n-house Regulating Documents and Processes​

The solution allows registering documents and linking them to the created flowcharts, thus providing your employees with a possibility to find the required documents fast and easy.

For instance, an employee can review the entire flowchart to see how he cooperates with colleagues; however, he will be able to access only those documents which are relevant to him.

​​Centralised Provision​ of Information to Employees

If you, too, would like to know whether all the employees have familiarised themselves with the news in the in-house regulating documents, then this feature is the one!

By applying this feature, the system notifies the employees involved about the news and, as soon as an employee marks off that he has looked through the document, the system records this fact; the responsible employees, in their turn, can review these lists.

It is possible to set the mailout of reminders to timely remind the employees about the news and changes in the documents.​​